Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.

Why estimate Pounds + prices?

For the international sites where the prices are not in Pounds this site converts them into Pounds using the European Central Bank to look up exchange rates. They seem to be a reputable place to get data from. But they are not your bank and so their rates may be a bit different. Note: The ECB only updates their rates once per day if you require real time data then you're probably taking this too seriously.

You should be aware that exchange rates can be very volatile so the price you may get charged by Mr Visa/Ms Mastercard/Dr Amex (plus any fees) is very likely to be different from the price you see on this site if you buy from one of those retailers. (I even put it in bold to make sure you know.)

Update: And to make the exchange rate closer to what appears on my Credit Card I've added an extra 5% transaction fee to the exchange rate. But that might just be my bank.

Treat the estimated price as a guide. This site is not making the purchase, YOU are and it's your money, so please read carefully any terms and conditions on these web sites.

How do you estimate postage?

I read the site policy. Most sites have some sort of policy stating what they charge. And it's easy to work out if the price is over/under any threshold and display the correct postage.

What's not easy is those sites that say "it depends".

Hint to retailers: make it easy for your customers. Free is good. '5 for the first book in an order, others free' is clear. As is '5 delivery on orders under 50 and free for orders over 50'. If I've got a postage calculation wrong, please let me know. I'd like to get it right.

I want my site listed! How do I get on here?

Please go to the suggest a book retailer page and let me know. I'd like to include as many reputable sites as I can. I think it's good advertising for you - I'd never heard of many of the sites I list until I started this project.

NB: I reserve the right to not include book sellers, for whatever reason I choose. So I can't guarantee that you will be listed but I'd really like to get you linked in.

I don't want my site listed! How do I get off here?

If you are one of the bookshops this site checks and you don't want to be listed then please let me know. I do not aim to antagonise booksellers. But I do aim to provide a service to this sites users so I am searching as many sites as I can.

I try very hard to make sure that the process of searching booksellers sites is as quick and painless as possible. It does not download images or CSS or javascript files so the amount of traffic for your site should be minimal.

And we only search when a human is looking at BookSpotter.co.uk. When I detect a search engine spider, i.e. the GoogleBot, I do not do any price lookups which means I do not go to any retailer sites.

To further lessen the impact on your site I save the result so I only need to search your site for that book once in nay 24 hours period. If multiple people search for the same book on the same day the first person has to wait while I do a lookup - the rest see the saved results. If we are having an impact on your site then then please let us know.

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While I have tried my best, there is no guarantee that the data shown on this site (book prices or postage) are accurate. Always check the prices and postage on the web site before making any purchase. Please also note that including a site in the search result does not indicate any endorsement by this site or its owner. I may not have ever brought a book from them. But no-one ever reads the small print, so I'm probably the only one who knows this.

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